Your Commonly Asked Questions

Whether it’s a question about our delivery service, or you’d like to know more about our seasonal cheeses, our FAQs can help.

Ask us anything; we’re always ready to help

As part of our commitment to bringing you wholesome produce you can trust, we’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions. We understand that you may have other questions, so whatever that may be, we encourage you to get in touch or follow us on Instagram for helpful tips and news.  

I can’t find a cheese or ice cream on your website.

With food so readily available, it is easy to forget that cheese is a product of the land. Originally, cheese was a way to preserve milk, so just like fruit and vegetables change with the seasons, our milk also changes. What the cows and goats eat will affect the milk and ultimately the terroir of the cheese itself. We craft our seasonal specials to showcase the Kenyan seasons, so whilst your favourite might disappear from time to time, we encourage you to try one of our excellent seasonal options. If you need help choosing, then please get in touch. We have a cheese tasting club so join our group here to be the first to know about our specials. We also have more variety in the stores so pop in or call one of the closest to you. To find out more about our stores click here

Do you sell your cheese in bulk?

You may purchase some of our cheeses in bulk. These are generally our most popular and regular cheeses and you can find these by using the drop-down selector on each of the products to select the size you’d like. If you can’t see your size, please get in touch and we’ll see if we can help.

How do I stop milk delivery if I’m on holiday?

There’s not currently an automated way of doing this, although we are looking into one. If you no longer need our milk subscription service, please get in touch and we’ll put a temporary pause on your account until you call to resume it again.

How fresh is your milk?

We guarantee our milk's freshness because it is single-farm sourced. That means that each batch comes directly from us or from a partner farm that uses the same quality processes. Our farms produce fresh milk daily, so more often than not, your delivery will be morning fresh, straight to your table. Each bottle has the production date right on the label.

How do I return the glass bottles/jars to you?

We have three stores as well as our farm shop. We are able to take back bottles here and issue you cash for the bottles. If you have home delivery we will simply credit your account when we pick up and drop off your milk.

There’s cream on my milk. Is it safe to drink?

Absolutely, and it’s a sign that our milk is the easiest to digest out there. Less processing means the milk retains its nutritional benefits. The cream on top of the milk occurs naturally and also tastes delicious! Our cows are organic and studies have shown that more grass feed means higher omega fats that you find in the cream! Pour it over your coffee before your cereal bowl for a creamy home coffee!

How do you certify your organic products?

Our farms are certified by governing certification bodies. They follow International organic standards. We renew and are audited each year. Our farms are audited as well as our processing to ensure the organic milk is processed separately. We have our own in-house lab and so every single batch is quality tested for bacterial load, aflatoxins and antibiotics to ensure it’s as natural as possible. We also measure protein and fat to help our farmers with improving their milk quality through our feed and training program.

Where does Brown's milk come from?

We work with our family of small holder farmers based around Embu. Our collection centers pay frequently which assists with the family cash flow. We pay above market prices directly to the farmer which ensures more shillings each their pocket rather than get lost in the supply chain. By having a direct connected relationship with our farmers, we are able to learn about their challenges. One such challenge is finding quality dairy feeds. We test the feeds routinely to ensure they get value when purchasing. We also offer micro loans so the farmers can offset their costs against milk to be delivered later in the month at no interest. These small areas really help a farmer be able to be stable and earn a reliable income from dairy farming.