Kipipiri Brown’s Food Co.
Kipipiri Brown’s Food Co.
Crafting wholesome foods since 1979
Kipipiri Brown’s Food Co.
Our Ice cream
is only made with good stuff!
Our Bakery
crafts sourdough slow ferment products that are easy to digest & delicious
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Welcome to Brown’s Food Co. We make some of the best artisan foods in Kenya.

If you’re looking for a healthy food store that produces their own organic cheeses, luxury crackers, fresh milk and the most indulgent ice cream that Kenya has to offer, then look no further. We have carefully cultivated each of our products in our family-run farm and they’re all taste-tested by us to ensure that only the most mouthwatering produce makes it to our customers. 

We use the finest quality, natural ingredients sourced locally; fresh milk from our smallholder farmers or our own organic milk produced in-house, herbs picked freshly from our garden and stone-ground flours all make it into our table ready foods. 


Our gourmet cheese is where it all began. From being one of the first cheese producers in Kenya in the 1970s to becoming globally recognised, we still craft our award-winning cheeses with the love and care they were made with over thirty years ago. 

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We pride ourselves on our locally produced, organic milk, non-homogenized and produced in sustainable glass bottles. We work with local farmers to ensure that their animals are fed natural feed grown by the farmers themselves. 

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We produce the most delicious, organic ice cream in decadent flavours and using only the most natural ingredients. All our ice cream is free from additives and we don’t use artificial flavourings or colourings. Try it for yourself. 

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Our crackers are the perfect accompaniment to our cheeses. In fact, that’s why we started making them. Using stone-ground flours and herbs and vegetables grown in our own back garden, they are loved by all who try them.

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Since we made our first cheeses all those years ago, our range of delicious dairy produce has grown to include traditional style greek yoghurt, creamy mascarpone and tangy sour cream. Each one expertly crafted and taste-tested by us!

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We make our pizzas from 72 hr slow fermented sourdough making it easier to digest. Our toppings are classic and of course loaded with our famous cheeses. So you can be sure that you’re eating the healthiest ingredients whilst indulging in a delicious treat! 

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For our dips and jams, we aim to make something just a little bit special. Using high-quality local produce, we develop jams in unique flavour combinations and luxurious dips that are as delicious as they are wholesome. 

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Our Customers Love Us

Organic Cheddar

Glad to see you have a Organic cheese on the market finally plus the Organic cheddar is quite delicious. Pungent creamy depth of flavor.
I’ve been a organic farmer for 40 years so it makes me happy to see small steps happening here. Chemical use us so out of control and zero accountability. 

Keep up the good work.


Mature Cheddar

Morning, I have to congratulate you on your organic cheddar. I hate to say this but it is the one thing I always bring back from England as I struggle to find a tasty mature cheddar in Kenya. You have nailed it!

Amanda Beak 

Crafting wholesome foods

What a truly superb job! So impressed by your dedication and commitment to your craft and to Kenya. Onwards and upwards!

Elizabeth Olepangi Farm

Delia's Blue

This blue cheese is exceptional!

Emma Childs Emmakoko

Plant-Based Yoghurt

D2, Your non dairy yoghurt Is to die for! I have nearly eaten a whole pot already. No strong taste of coconut. I will be needing a regular order. Thanks

Emma Craig

The Brown's Ethos

Brown’s Food Co. began in 1979 when our delicious cheeses were made at our
kitchen table for our family to enjoy. Fast forward to today, and you will find
that we are still very much a family-run business, and everything we produce is
dreamt up, developed and taste-tested by us. From encouraging our farmers to grow organic balanced feeds for their cows, to all the herbs and vegetables coming from our organic farm, you guarantee that every ingredient is the most natural, fresh & delicious that we could find.

We know that when you're cooking or serving, you want to know that the
utmost care has gone into ensuring those ingredients are as wholesome and
delicious they can be. They're carefully crafted from ingredients farmed using regenerative practices to preserve the soil for many generations of farmers to come. Our cows' welfare is important to us too. All dairy farmer training's include how to keep "happy cows" ensuring our cows become a critical partner to a balanced farming cycle offering milk as well as invaluable compost to the land.

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