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Our jams and gourmet dips are the best dips to buy in Kenya. Made with natural, locally sourced ingredients, they’re unique and delicious.

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Buy jams and jellies online with Brown’s Food Co.  

Like many of our exceptional, organic products, we like to keep our jams unique! We believe that food should be wholesome and natural, and sometimes this means seasonal too. That means that our jams are always changing but what doesn’t change is our dedication to using natural, organic ingredients. We make many of our jams using fruits picked from our own garden. And if that’s not possible, they’re always locally sourced. In the past, we’ve created a tangy tree tomato jam and a sweet and sticky onion jam — the perfect accompaniment to our famous range of organic cheeses. 

We’ve also developed a luxurious range of dips, perfect for a nutritious snack or a party. With both dairy and dairy-free options available, we have dips that the whole family will love. 

Dairy lovers may like to try our whipped feta, smoky eggplant or chilli cream cheese with our handmade crackers. Or, for those who prefer to stay dairy-free, our flavoursome garlic hummus or black bean hummus are tasty options and go equally well with our dairy-free artisan cracker options.