The Freshest Milk, Straight to Your Door

Our organic milk is morning fresh & minimally processed to keep nutrients intact and taste delicious.

Brown’s Organic
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Why choose an organic milk subscription?

Milk is meant to be fresh and what better way to make sure it is than getting it dropped from our farm to your door?

We take morning milk from one of our two organic farms, minimally process it to retain all the nutrients that come with organic milk and get it to you in returnable glass bottles. We let you know which farm it comes from each day as well as protein, fat and pass results it undertook to ensure its the safest, most delicious and nutrient dense milk it can be.

Everybody says products are organic.. What does this mean for Browns? Our milk is the only certified organic milk in Kenya. We take immense pride in undergoing the ruthless certification process to be able to ensure the milk is produced from organic process 100% of the way; from the cow feeds, how our neighbors farm, to the happiness We believe it’s some of the most nutritious creamy milk Nairobi has to offer.

We deliver to most parts of the Nairobi area every week. Simply purchase your organic milk online and check our delivery timetable to discover which day of the week your nutrient-rich milk will arrive at your door.

We only package our milk in glass bottles to ensure absolute freshness and show our commitment to caring for the environment. So when you buy organic milk from us, you can rest assured that you’re investing not just in the local area but also in the planet.