Our Story

We've been crafting artisan foods from our farm for forty years. Here’s how it began.  

Who We Are

Browns Food Co began as a way for us to enjoy delicious artisanal cheeses at home. With a shortage of cheese in Kenya in the 70’s, and excess milk from our own cows, we taught ourselves how to make camembert. The misty Tigoni weather helped us succeed along with a lot of persistence and it proved popular with family  (and then friends) alike. Since then, we’ve grown our range of cheeses to include your dairy basics such as cheddar &  mozzarella to more specialty cheeses such as Valencay or our seasonal specials that focus on the seasonal nature of our milk & weather. 

As the only International award winning cheese-making company in Kenya, it felt natural to produce complementary products. Our sourdough whole grain crackers, unique dips and jams and fresh organic milk and indulgent  ice cream are all part of our offering today. And while we’ve grown in size, some things haven’t changed. Family is still at the heart of everything we produce and we take care to develop and taste every new product personally. We hope that if our family loves our natural, wholesome foods, then yours will too! 

Our Mission

Being a family business & organic farmers ourselves, we have always been connected to the environment and community we serve.  We work hand in hand with the environment, our farmers and the land. We’re proud that our company began on our family-run farm in our home and to this day still live alongside our business. All of our products grow out of the family kitchen and must always be delicious as well as wholesome.  
We continue to work on improving our carbon footprint and impact we have on the Earth. We work on composting all our organic waste to ensure we lock up carbon and improve soil health. We use reusable glass packaging or biodegradable packing where possible and have opened traditional cheese shops so you can purchase your cheese directly from the producer in parchment paper.
We’re excited to welcome you on our journey. 

Our Customers Love Us

We’re so proud of the reviews that our award-winning produce receives; read them for yourself.

Glad to see you have a Organic cheese on the market finally plus the Organic cheddar is quite delicious. Pungent creamy depth of flavor.
I’ve been a organic farmer for 40 years so it makes me happy to see small steps happening here. Chemical use us so out of control and zero accountability. 

Keep up the good work.


Morning, I have to congratulate you on your organic cheddar. I hate to say this but it is the one thing I always bring back from England as I struggle to find a tasty mature cheddar in Kenya. You have nailed it!

Amanda Beak

What a truly superb job! So impressed by your dedication and commitment to your craft and to Kenya. Onwards and upwards!

Elizabeth Olepangi Farm

This blue cheese is exceptional!

Emma Childs Emmakoko

D2, Your non dairy yoghurt Is to die for! I have nearly eaten a whole pot already. No strong taste of coconut. I will be needing a regular order. Thanks

Emma Craig

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