What's in the yoghurt you eat?

What's in the yoghurt you eat?

Have you ever thought about what's in the yoghurt that YOU eat? We all know how beneficial it is to have good bacteria for our digestive systems and immune health, but not every brand of yogurt has these same benefits. Greek yogurt contains more protein than regular brands which can help with muscle recovery after exercise or even just an intense workout at the gym! Not only does this make your stomach feel less bloating from gas-related discomfort when eating them instead (gastrointestinal conditions), they also provide essential nutrients such as calcium needed by bones tissue cells so there'll be no osteoporosis symptoms later down the road.

Greek yogurt is a thickened style of yoghurt. It traditionally becomes thick by the pure yoghurt being strained so the whey (water) part of the milk is thrown away. Because this creates a lower yield some dairies began adding starches or thickeners to the yoghurt. These are normally hidden with E numbers so the consumer does not see the word “Starch” on their yoghurt. (a sneaky way food producers hide ingredients into foods). So why do should you care? Well - all that starch means the yoghurt is nice and thick, but you are essentially getting way more starch/carbohydrates than clean traditionally made yoghurts. Yes, it makes the yoghurt cheaper on your wallet, but is doesn’t fill you up like a traditionally Greek strained style of yoghurt. You therefore find you eat double the amount than you would the traditionally strained Greek style.

Yoghurt fat content will vary between the fat content of the milk. At browns we choose to use skimmed milk as we find the thicker strained yoghurt lends itself to a cleaner taste that way.

Protein levels vary depending on the style of yoghurt. Greek will be double the protein of normal yoghurt which is around 5g. Check your yoghurt as some will not based on how they are processed, and the other fillers used in the making of the yoghurt.  This high dose of protein means it will keep you fuller longer and satiated so it can help in keeping the weight off.

If you’ve been wondering why Greek yogurt is pricier than regular, now you know. It takes a lot more work to make true Greek yogurt and the ingredients are pretty much all natural (no additives or preservatives). But if this matters to you –and it should- then we invite you to visit us at the farm to see how we make it or join us for one of our live classes where we teach you to make your own yoghurt at home.